Haiti and Dominican Republic to Facilitate Trade With European Union Plan

The Dominican Republic has signed a $54.7 million agreement with the European Union for a programme of bilateral cooperation with Haiti aimed at promoting cross-border trade.

The agreement was signed by Ambassador Irene Horejs and Domingo Jimenez, National Coordinator for European Development Funds.

According to Jimenez, approximately $30.26 million will involve infrastructure support in the Dominican Republic’s northern corridor.

The programme aims to support overall bilateral cooperation between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, particularly in the border area near the north of the island.

The agreement also includes the construction of the Quanaminthe market in Juana Mendez, the protection of the Massacre river’s banks and the implementation of customs and sanitary regulations.

It also seeks to organize trade between Haiti and Dominican Republic at the international transit area. The programme will last for six years, with four for implementation and two for closing.